The Hobbit. Written by J.R.R. Tolkien. Is an incredibly well written fantasy book!

The book contains five hundred pages, and was originally written for children.

There is a series of three films, directed by Peter Jackson. And while their not as good as the book, it's still a pretty well made film.

The  New Zealand post, has issued a series of stamps for each of the three films.

The first stamp (the one above) is depicting the Hobbit by the name of Bilbo Baggins, and is the most important character in the story!


OK, I know he looks creepy, but trust me, "Gollum" plays an important role in both the Hobbit, and more importantly, The Lord of the Rings.

He lives in a cave in the mountains, and is the bearer of the one ring!

Riddles in the dark is a chapter that even non Hobbit fans know about. It is when Bilbo Baggins find the one ring, and is a major turning point!

Which is actually the... OK, OK, no more spoilers...


Gandalf! He is a wizard that helps the Dwarves and the Hobbit in their journey...

We don't get to know a lot about this wizard from the Hobbit story, but he is still one of the most important character in the whole story!

He is the one who convinces both Thorin and Bilbo Baggins to go on this daring adventure!


Thorin Okenshield is the king of Dwarves.

He lives in the mountains, and seeks out revenge against the dragon that destroyed his kingdom!

He is the one that brings together 12 Dwarves and together with Gandalf, And the Hobbit, they go on this impossible quest to retake the kingdom and it's treasure from the evil dragon Smaug! 

Find out more about Thorin's life before the adventure!


Radagast. He is the second of five wizards! He lives in the woods, and takes care of all nature...

He is the friend of Gandalf, and even though he doesn't directly help middle earth, he does make small actions that greatly contribute!

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Elrond, lord of Rivindel, is a great and very old Elf...

He is also a friend of Gandalf. And Rivindel, his home, is a refuge for all other Elves.

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s-l500 - Copy (2).jpg

A second movie, a second series!

The desolation of Smaug is the second out of three movies.

See how the adventure gets harder as the 13 Dwarves and the Hobbit, go through Mirkwood, the woodlen realm of the Elves...


Gandalf go's away from Thorin's company to take care of some very urgent matters... He soon finds out that there is an army of Orcs and Goblins headed towards the kingdom of the Dwarves to get there before Thorin!

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s-l500 - Copy.jpg

Here we get to see one of Peter Jackson's biggest mistakes in producing the Hobbit films...

Adding Tauriel, and Elf, that didn't exist in the book, wasn't that much of a deal, until they made her one of the main characters! Using her to add a love story that didn't exist in the book, and all for the sake of making three movies instead of two, and in order to increase the female audience...

Huge mistake! 


Poor Bilbo! He and his Dwarf friend end up in Mirkwood, where the wood is so thick that Bilbo, has to climb up a tree in order to see in which direction they must go...


Legolas, is the son of Thranduil. And is the prince of Mirkwood.

He doe's not like the Dwarves, and at the command of his father, he throws them in to the dungeon!

And even though Legolas, according to the book, wasn't part of the Hobbit story, but rather only in the Lord of the rings, he still contributes to the films and plays a key role.


The last stamp of this series, is depicting Bard.

There is a very big deference between Bard from the movie, and Bard from the book...

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This is an original drawing made by J.R.R. Tolkien.

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